“Control Theory”
Indie Authors Press – November 2016


“Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks”
Indie Authors Press-March 2020


Death’s Café/ Mocha Memoirs Press-May 2015

Short Stories

“Nightmare of a Million Faces” (Forthcoming)
Nightmare Magazine/ Adamant Press

“Sierra Starfall and the Elders of the Spaceways” (Forthcoming/Reprint)
Space Westerns Magazine

“Birthday Boy” (Forthcoming)
Cape Cod Poetry Review

“The House of Laments” (Forthcoming)
Tales from the Clergy: Stories Inspired by Ghost/ October Nights Press

“Postcards from Saguaroland” (Forthcoming)
Shadows over Main Street Volume Three/ Bleeding Edge Books

“Feast of the Dreamer” (Forthcoming)
Never Wake: An Anthology of Dream Horror/ Crystal Lake Publishing

“Purveyors and Puppets” (Forthcoming)
A Night of Screams: Latino Horror Stories/ Arte Publico Press (University of Houston)

“The Last Train out of Calico” (Forthcoming)
Along Harrowed Trails/ Timber Ghost Press

“The Valley of the Masks” (Forthcoming)
Unity Vol 2: A Speculative Anthology/ Barrio Blues Press

“Adrift Ebon Tides” (Forthcoming)
Anterior Skies Vol. 1/ Strange Elf Press

“Solitaire in a Haunted Tent”
Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom/ Redwood Press-March 2023

“A Final Song for the Ages”
Infinite Constellations: An Anthology of Identity, Culture, and Speculative Conjunctions / FC2 (University of Alabama Press)-March 2023

“It Grows on You”
Heavy Metal Nightmares/ Phobica Books-March 2023

“Urak, the Terror”
Savage Realms Monthly/ Literary Rebel-February 2023

“Echoes and Embers”
The Place Where Everyone’s Name is Fear/ Anxiety Press & Outcast Press-December 2022

“Midnight Frequencies”
Shortwave Magazine-December 2022

“Shantytown: A Mexican Ghost Story”
Dread Imaginings-December 2022

“Under Leviathan’s Shadow”
War/ Black Hare Press-November 2022

“Bad Dogs”
Bloodless/ Sliced Up Press-October 2022

“Magic Lucha”
Worlds of Possibility-October 2022

“The Last Great Film” (Reprint)
Bullet Points/ Toronto International Media-September 2022

“The Revolution Engine” (Reprint)
Uchronia: An Anthology of Alternate Histories & Alternate Worlds/ Aurelia Leo-March 2022

Nightmare Magazine #114/ Adamant Press-March 2022

“The Facsimile War”
El Porvenir ¡Ya! Citlalzazanilli Mexicatl, a Chicano Science Fiction Anthology*/ Somos En Escrito Literary Foundation Press-February 2022
(*2023 Locus Award Nominee)
(*2022Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist)
(*2022Honorable Mention-International Latino Book Awards)

“The Final Gift”
Helios Quarterly Magazine: The Complete Series/ Aurelia Leo-January 2022

“Snapshots of Aleppo” (Reprint)
Alternative War/ B Cubed Press-November 2021

“Roots in Kon Tum”
Stories We Tell After After Midnight Vol. 3/ Crone Girls Press-October 2021

“The Dogs of Summer”
In the Shadow of the Horns/ Gravely Unusual Magazine-The Lurking Transmission-October 2021

“The Savage Night”
The Lost Librarian’s Grave/ Redwood Press-October 2021

“Do as I Do”
Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology*/ Mad Creek Books(Ohio State University Press)-September 2021
(*2022 World Fantasy Award nominee)
(*2022 Locus Award nominee)
(*2022 Ignyte Award nominee)
(*2022 Utopia Award nominee)

“A Thousand Words for Death” (Reprint)
Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 2/ Parallel Universe Publications-June 2021

“The Bottom Dweller”
Tales from OmniPark/ House Blackwood-March 2021

“The Tempest on the Pier” (Reprint)
Lockdown Horror#4/ Black Hare Press-March 2021

Somos en Escrito Literary Magazine-December 2020

“The Sandbox”
Unity Volume 1: A Magical Realism Anthology/ Barrio Blues Press-December 2020

“Sierra Starfall and the Elders of the Spaceways”
Planet Scumm #9/ Spark&Fizz Books-November 2020

Tiny Nightmares*/ Catapult-October 2020
(*2021 Shirley Jackson Award nominee)

“Mothsquito” (Reprint)
Retro Horror/ Nightmare Press-October 2020

“The Curse of the Cucuy”
Stories We Tell After Midnight Vol. 2/ Crone Girls Press-October 2020

“Libro de Espanto”
Horror Magazine/ Breaking Rules Publishing-October 2020

“Calypso and the Kami”
The Scribe Magazine/ Breaking Rules Publishing-October 2020

“The Carnivorous Planet”
Full Metal Horror III: The Unknown/ Zombie Pirate Publishing-September 2020

“The Incident at Chicxulub”
The Were-Traveler-September 2020

“A Thousand Words for Death”
Whetstone Magazine-June 2020

“In the Desert, In the Night”
Shallow Waters Vol.5/ Crystal Lake Publishing-April 2020

“Clinical Trials”
Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks/ Indie Authors Press-March 2020

“Wharf Rats”
Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks/ Indie Authors Press-March 2020

“Henry and Greta”
Legends Reborn/ Carpathia Publishing-March 2020

“The Lighthouse”
The Willows Magazine Anthology/ House Blackwood-March 2020

“The Protean Tether”
The Scribe Magazine/ Breaking Rules Publishing-March 2020

“Midnight Shoeshine”
Twenty Twenty/ Black Hare Press-February 2020

“The Revolution Engine” (Reprint)
Uchronia: Alternate Histories & Alternate Worlds/ Aurelia Leo-January 2020

“Mothsquito” (Reprint)
Monster Party/ Deadman’s Tome-October 2019

“The Secret Matrimony”
Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights/ Things in the Well Publications-October 2019

“The Southland”
Shallow Waters Vol.2/ Crystal Lake Publishing-July 2019

“An Angel in the Basement”
Dig Two Graves*/ Death’s Head Press-June 2019
(*2020 Splatterpunk Award nominee)

“The Tempest on the Pier” (Reprint)
Writers of Mystery and Imagination/ Shadowridge Press- March 2019

“Snapshots of Aleppo”
See the Elephant #4/ Metaphysical Circus Press-October 2018

Phrenic Press-April 2018

“The Revolution Engine”
Gaslandia: A Dieselpunk Anthology/ Radiant Crown Publishing-January 2018

“Man is My Armor”
Outposts of Beyond/ Alban Lake-October 2017

Altered States II/ Indie Authors Press-December 2016

“Halloween in the Jungle”
Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2016/ Indie Authors Press-October 2016

“The Tempest on the Pier”
Tales From the Lake (Honorable Mention)/ Crystal Lake Publishing-October 2016

“Shaytan, the Whisperer” (Reprint)
Deserts of Fire/ Night Shade Books-July 2016

“The Seeds of Foundation” (Reprint)
QuickFic Anthology 2/ Digital Fiction Publishing-June 2016

“The Night has Teeth”
From the Corner of your Eye/ Great Old Ones Publishing-May 2015

“Love Eternal”
Sanitarium #32/ Eye Trauma Press-April 2015

“No Home but War”
Welcome to the Future/ Christina Escamilla Publishing-Jan 2015

“Vacation fit for a God”
Drabbler Harvest #3/ Alban Lake Publishing-November 2014

“A Window Shatters” (Reprint)
Small Town Futures/ Chupa Cabra House-October 2014

“Road to the Sun”
Outposts of Beyond/ Alban Lake Publishing-October 2014

“Shaytan, the Whisperer”
Those Who Live Long Forgotten/ 18th Wall Productions-October 2014

“The Seeds of Foundation”
Crossed Genres #19-July 2014

“Portals to the Past”
Drabble Harvest #2:The Other Side of the Portal/ Alban Lake Publishing-July 2014

“The Pier”
Vignettes from the End of the World/ Apokrupha-April 2014

“Home Away from Home”
The Drabbler#21:Nesting/ Sam’s Dot Publishing-November 2012

“The Last Great Film”
Battlespace: Military Science-Fiction Anthology/ Knightwatch Press-June 2012

Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash-Fiction Horror/ Dark Moon Books-December 2011

“A Window Shatters”
Macabre Cadaver #10/ Stark Raven Press-April 2011

“The Gelatinous March”
The Drabbler #17: When Food Attacks/ Sam’s Dot Publishing-October 2010

“Dracosaurus Reborn”
The Drabbler #14: When Genetic Experiments Go Bad/ Sam’s Dot Publishing-June 2009


“Last Act of a Doomed Man” (Forthcoming)

“Moon Bubbles”
Bioluminescent: A Lunarpunk Anthology/ Android Press-January 2023

“Holograms from Beyond”
Star*Line #46.1/ SFPA-January 2023

“The Stars, They Are Eyes”
Timber Ghost Press-January 2023

“American as Atomic Pie”
Star*Line #45.4/ SFPA-October 2022

[scaly, winged creature]
Simultaneous Times Newsletter/ Space Cowboy Books-September 2022

[the border wall shrinks]
Simultaneous Times Newsletter/ Space Cowboy Books-September 2022

“The Epidemic of Shrink-Ray-Gun Violence Plaguing Our Schools Must End”*
Star*Line #45.3/SFPA-July 2022
*Rhysling Award nominee

“Forever Elusive” Issue #59-June 2022

“Option One”*
Hexagon Issue 9-June 2022
*Best of the Net nominee

“Mexicans on the Moon”
Space and Time Magazine #141-May 2022

Dreams & Nightmares Magazine #121-May 2022

“Harvesting the Future”*
Star*Line #45.2/ SFPA-March 2022
*Pushcart Prize nominee

“Sandcastles on the Moon”
The Fifth Di…/ Hiraeth Publishing-March 2022

“Cabal of the Homunculi”
Monstroddities-Sliced Up Press-February 2022

“The Things that Killed Us: A History through Art”
Star*Line #44.4/ SFPA-October 2021

“Migrant Milk”
Milk Carton Press-August 2021

“The Girl Who Played by the Tombstones”
Unity Volume 1: A Magical Realism Anthology/ Barrio Blues Press-December 2020

“A Witch in the Woods”
Mother Ghost’s Grimm/ NBH Publishing-December 2019

“The Monsters Under the Bed”
Sanitarium Magazine #36/ Eye Trauma Press-August 2015

“The Beautiful Bombs”
Space and Time Magazine #119-October 2013

Miscellaneous/ Non-Fiction

Issues of Tomorrow/ Indie Authors Press-January 2018

“My Paranormal Experiences”
The Darkness Dwells Podcast Blog-2016

“Introduction: The Story of Sidi-Nouman”
Those Who Live Long Forgotten/ 18th Wall Productions-October 2014