Today my flash drive got wiped out, deleting all my work, including the current novel I was outlining. So I decided to get in on #AwardEligibility time. This is my first time doing this, so I’ll be including fiction and poetry published this year (2022) on a single thread. If you’d like an electronic copy of any of the works listed below, feel free to contact me here. Feel free to RT and recommend any of these works if you’d like.

My first story “The Final Gift,” was published in Helios Quarterly Magazine: The Complete Series. Three international astronauts are stranded on Mars after the Earth experiences a nuclear holocaust.

My next story is “The Facsimile War,” published in El Porvenir ¡Ya! a Chicano Science Fiction Anthology. A Chicano inmate is killed, teleported, and rematerialized on another planet to fight a war he has no interest in fighting. The story received praise from Gabino Iglesias on his Locus Magazine review.

My Story “Skins,” was published in the March issue of Nightmare Magazine. The tables turn on a pair of baby seal hunters in a pretty gruesome way.

My story “Magic Lucha,” was published in the October issue of Worlds of Possibility from editor Julia Rios. A handicapped boy in Mexico joins his abuela for a magical lucha libre show he’ll never forget.

My story “Bad Dogs” appeared in Bloodless from Sliced Up Press. A heroine addict mother does everything she can to protect her baby daughter from a dark lupine threat.

Another story, “Shantytown: A Mexican Ghost Story,” appeared in Dread Imaginings and is about a little girl living in Tijuana, who lives in a shantytown that endures many horrors.

My story “Midnight Frequencies appeared in Shortwave Magazine, about a man running a taco truck in downtown L.A. who happens to encounter some otherworldly terrors.

My poem, “Cabal of the Homunculi” appeared in Monstroddities from Sliced Up Press. An alchemist’s creations prove to be too much to handle a he spirals into madness.

My poem “Sandcastles on the Moon,” was published in the March issue of The Fifth Di… A young boy grieving over his father’s loss is visited by his future self.

My poem “Harvesting the Future,” was published in Star*Line #45.2. Upon being fired, a migrant worker vows to improve her education in order to compete with the robots that replaced her. This poem was nominated by SFPA for a Pushcart Prize.

My poem “Lobster-in-Chief,” was published in Dreams & Nightmares Magazine #121. The US rejoices at the election of its first lobster, even before a woman is ever elected.

My Poem “Mexicans on the Moon,” was published in Space and Time Magazine #141 and tells of the first Mexican Lunar colonists as they make that barren rock their home.

My poem “Option One,” was published in Hexagon Magazine #9 and was nominated for Best of the Net. It tells of a program meant to eliminate toxic waste from the ocean that might have been too effective.

My Poem “Forever Elusive,” was published in NewMyths #59. A generation ship of nomads looking for a home stumble upon a planet already inhabited by a primitive people. Recalling their bloody colonizer history, the travelers have to decide if landing is the best option.

My poem ““The Epidemic of Shrink-Ray-Gun Violence Plaguing Our Schools Must End” was published in Star*Line #45.3 and addresses what future school shootings might look like and the grief that accompanies it. This was an Editor’s Choice poem.

My poem “American as Atomic Pie,” was published in Star*Line #45.4 and is the poem in a form of a recipe for destruction. This was also an Editor’s Choice pick.

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